About the Microgrid Hub

An increasing number of commercial and industrial (C&I) companies are implementing low-carbon microgrids. A microgrid is a set of energy resources that can operate, if needed, independently from the electricity grid. Traditional microgrids relied on fossil fuels but now low-carbon microgrids have emerged, which run predominantly on renewable power.

The Microgrid Hub is an online library of case studies of C&I low-carbon microgrids across the world. The aim of the Microgrid Hub is to use existing project examples to help C&I companies to overcome barriers to development for new microgrid projects in different geographies.

The Microgrid Hub is delivered through the  World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD’s) REscale project. REscale brings together over 60 leading companies representing the full renewable energy value chain to accelerate deployment of renewables and the transition to a low-carbon electricity system. REscale members share the ambition to scale up renewable deployment beyond average growth.

For more information, visit the REscale project webpage.